Installation of inground pools in Alaska

Of course, swimming is not a popular outdoor activity in Alaska. It’s hard to justify an enormous cost of inground pool installation in a place with such a cold climate. Installation of inground pools in Alaska.

However, hard doesn’t mean infeasible. With the help of proper heating, you can leave a pool open almost throughout the year. An indoor pool – even though it’s costly to install – is a great option for people who want to get the most out of their pools.

Bathing season

Alaska is a large state with substantial disparities in climatic conditions between the coast and the interior. However, the summers are chilly throughout the state. For instance, in Anchorage, where most of the state residents live, summer daily temperatures usually only reach 16 °C. Most persons don’t regard this as bathing weather.

Extra features

Pools may not be popular in Alaska, but hot tubs definitely are. There’s nothing better than plunging into 40 °C water on a cool day. If you’re building an outdoor swimming pool, it’s also smart to install a hot tub that can possibly share its heating and circulation systems. A hot tub can be fully separated from the pool, or tightly integrated with it.

For this reason, you should think of a spool design that would represent a trade-off between a swimming pool and a hot tub. Spools are less expensive to heat, and in case you set up water jets, you can still swim in them. If you like this option, some of the most popular designs to consider are swim spas and plunge pools.

Price of installation

Construction costs aren’t high in Alaska, which is why you probably won’t pay much for projects like pool installation. However, because of the colder climate, you may require additional features that can make your expenses even higher than if you would build a conventional outdoor pool. Such objects as heating systems, automatic pool covers, and windbreaks can have a significant influence on the final cost.

If you’re considering installing a pool indoors, that’s a whole other story. Residential indoor pools are way more costly than their outdoor analogues on a number of grounds.

One of the means to decrease expensive is assume a part of the work. This might be particularly attractive if the variety of contractors is restricted in your region. However, you need to ensure that you’re able to carry out the work and obtain the necessary permits.


In Alaska, a construction permit is necessary to set up a pool. Such authorizations are handled at the domestic level, so you should solicit the necessary information from your city’s/county’s building department. A skilled main contractor must be capable of walking you through this process. Inground pools in Alaska.

Security laws

As well as construction permits, security laws are a local issue. In the majority of the US, the law requires to have your swimming pool fully enclosed with a safety fence. Well before you start the installation process, you should familiarize with the requirements in your region – or ensure that your pool builder is in the loop.