Installation of inground pools in Alabama

As regards weather, Alabama is the typical southern state, with incredibly hot summers and mild winters. Therefore, it is considered a perfect place for residential pools. Inground pools in Alabama are very popular among Alabamans who try to combat the unbearable heat and enhance their real estate values.

Bathing season

Temperatures are a bit lower in the northern regions, but there’s no place throughout Alabama where you can’t get enough use out of a pool. Based on your tolerance for colder temperatures, you can leave your pool open for 8-9 months per year. Nevertheless, lots of householders prefer to keep their pools closed for a longer term just to save on heating expenses and other maintenance costs.

Extra features

The worst thing you can do in such a hot place is save on your pool. Since there is such a huge variety of outdoor activities all year round, it would be a pity if you devote a huge chunk of your backyard to something you’ll tire of in a few years. Think of diversifying your pool with any extra features you find attractive –springboard, rock waterfall, beach entry, slide, etc. Do everything you can to transform your pool into an attraction worthy of the space and time you’ll devote it in the years to come.

Price of installation of inground pools in Alabama

Another reason to include some additional feature is that construction costs are relatively cheap in Alabama. It is possible to save even more by constructing yourself, but since pool builders are quite budget in Alabama, the majority of would-be pool owners prefer to hire the expert.


Getting the necessary authorizations is an important part of pool construction. The precise depends from county, but it usually includes submitting an application and presenting a plan of your construction. Sanitary control may be included in the process as well. If you’re collaborating with a skilled pool builder, he/she must be able to walk you through this process. Never, that’s something you have to investigate yet at the design stage to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

Security laws

In Alabama, pool security laws are handled at the municipal and/or county level. As well as across the country, laws are usually more stringent in areas where residential density is higher (as it suggests a higher risk of swimmers unintentionally drowning). No matter what is stipulated by the law says in your region, you should consider enclosing your pool with a fence to prevent kids or pets from falling into it).