Inground pools: Iowa

If you build the pool, the guests will definitely come to visit you. This prediction is true for every Iowan who is going to have a personal pool – as soon as you set it up, all your friends and family will want to see you (and a pool, of course). Inground pools Iowa

Although Iowa isn’t the paradise for swimmers, local summers are quite warm, with many hot days. In addition, bathing season is usually long enough getting the most out of an inground pools Iowa.

Bathing season

In Iowa, elevated temperatures usually reach the 23°C throughout the summer. Based on your tolerance towards cooler temperatures, you can extend the bathing season further – particularly if you hire a pool heater.

However, most residents of Iowa are happy with several months of swimming. Keeping your pool closed the better part of a year reduces the maintenance costs and ensures that you don’t get sick of the pool ownership.

Extra features

Automatic pool covers are usually a great investment in colder climates. By means of covering your swimming pool, you defend it from water vapor and cooling. In the Middle West, where unfavorable weather conditions are widespread in the summer, this also prevents garbage from blowing in. The only drawback is that automatic covers are costly to set up.

Other extra features to take into account are springboards, slides, volleyball net or other water features. Everything depends on how you’re going to use your pool, and what your financial position is.

The price of installation

The price of construction services in Iowa is approximately the national average. It depends mostly on such factors as the dimension of the pool, the materials and the constructor’s quote, etc.

As usual, you can save a lot by doing a part of the work on your own or acting as your own main contractor. Surely, you can also have problems if you don’t understand what you’re doing. When it concerns pool installation, there are many benefits of working with an expert.


One of the main benefits of employing an experienced pool builder is that they have a clear understanding of the permit requirements in your area. The process is different in different regions; however, you’ll usually have to submit one or several building permit applications before starting the work. Usually, you need to send a plan with the application together with a license fee. However, you shouldn’t anticipate anything – contact your local building department to ensure than you’re aware of all the requirements.

Security laws

As in the case of permit requests, pool security laws in Iowa depend on the location. If you encounter something that is similar to a state-level pool security law, it may apply solely to the public pools. Study your local norms to figure out what applies to your state. On most occasions, the major requirement is to surround your pool with a security fence, which complies with specific specifications. Once more, a reputable pool constructor has to know everything about it.