Inground pools in West Virginia

West Virginia is an excellent place for spending time in the open air. As a mountainous state, it includes some of the most incredible landscape in the United States. Although it is not the best place to have an inground pool because of cloudy and rainy weather, most residents of West Virginia prefer to increase their outdoor fun by building their personal backyard pools. Inground pools in West Virginia.

Bathing season

West Virginia is most frequently mentioned as part of the South; however, it doesn’t have the lengthy, blazing hot summers, usually associated with this area. Apart from the fact that it’s positioned northward, the elevation in lots of spots also brings lower temperatures. In general, it has a quite characteristic bathing season for the US – from May to September.

Another essential factor is the amount of precipitation the state receives. Most regions of West Virginia get 5 months of precipitation annually. In addition, the state has many dull days, which can make it much harder to warm a pool to the adequate temperature.

Extra features

Luckily, there are a few features that can compensate you for some of the disadvantages of the West Virginian climate. In case you reside in a could part of the state, you can buy a pool fence to ensure that the weather doesn’t spoil your day. A gas/electric heater is able to maintain your pool warm without sunlight (however, you’ll need to pay more for that).

If you’re searching for a solely aesthetic complement to your pool, think of some naturalistic landscape design. Use many rocks and plants to decorate a freeform pool.

Price of installation inground pools in West Virginia

Construction costs are about the national average in West Virginia, so you can expect the overall cost of a pool to be around the average as well. Based on local rules, you might be able to save funds by carrying out a part of the work on your own. But still, installation of an inground pool is a very difficult task.


Construction permits are processed at a local field, so check with your city/county government to ensure that you realize what’s necessary. If you employ a main contractor or pool expert for installing your pool, they must be capable of dealing with such paperwork. However, it never hurts to understand the procedure just to be sure that they’re not skipping anything.