Inground pools in Utah

Due to its hot climate and endless state parks, Utah provides many opportunities to go out and admire the majesty of nature. However, why bothering to travel somewhere if you can enjoy such beauty in your own backyard? As well as the rest of southwestern states, Utah is a perfect spot to get an inground pool. Inground pools in Utah.

Bathing season

Utah is famous for winter rest (mainly skiing). However, local summers are lengthy and warm. In some areas, the temp of about 30 degrees Celsius lasts for two months per year. Although this doesn’t make a backyard pool is a “must-have”, that’s definitely a great option.

In addition, most regions of Utah don’t receive enough rainfall. All this almost makes a personal pool a real necessity.

Extra features

Utah belongs to the states for solar power. Pools provide some of the most efficient uses of solar power. Looks as a match, doesn’t it? Although a solar heater can’t heat water as much as an electric one, increasing the temperature by several degrees is probably enough to open your swimming pool about ten days earlier in the spring and leave it open for a long even in the beginning of autumn. Throughout the summer, it could also permit you to use your pool 24/7. In short, it will help you get the most out of your pool.

If a solar heater isn’t what you want, a plain solar cover will do the job. The latter impedes evaporation while permitting the sun’s rays to come through; these functions are intended to maintain the water warm without costing you a fortune.

The price of installation

Construction costs are lower than the national average inground pools in Utah, so you will probably pay less for pool installation than elsewhere. This is particularly true for concrete pools, which demand many working hours to finish. Self-installation is a great opportunity for those who aim at saving, but since professional installation is quite cost-effective, you should think well before performing such a difficult project with your own hands.


As well as in other states, building permits are processed at the city/county level. That’s where employing a pool company that’s well-known in the region can actually pay for itself. They can help you sort out the process, or even do it for you. If you choose self-installation, you’ll have to contact your local government and ensure you have all necessary permit requests submitted in a timely manner.

Security laws

Residential pool security laws in Utah are also processed by city and county governments. However, you should do your research before starting any pool project. In the majority of places, the law demands you to install a fence around your pool that complies with specific requirements. Other rules for prevention of accidental drownings may also be adopted in your place of residence.