Inground pool waterfalls rock

Inground pool waterfalls are expensive. However, if owning a fancy and picturesque pool is one of your main priorities, you should find room in your budget. This definitely the most luxurious pool feature. In combination with some creative landscape design, a waterfall can turn an inground pool into a piece of heaven.

A waterfall not only makes your pool pleasant to the eye and ears. The calming sound of water falling offers a comforting background when you’re reading or simply lounging next to the pool.

Waterfalls are available in many different varieties, and their prices differ significantly based on the materials used and the complexity of installation. Nevertheless, for the majority of inground pool waterfalls, you’ll have to pay at least $1000. Waterfalls are usually built to last for the lifetime of the pool, or even longer.

Various styles of inground pool waterfalls

There are many various styles and features to select from when it concerns a pool waterfall. Below you can find an example of some of the factors to take into account when considering various options:

  • whether you prefer a naturalistic rock formation or some other type of structure;
  • whether a pre-fabricated waterfall meets your requirements, or you prefer something custom-built;
  • whether you want the water to fall down as a sheet (not so loudly), or cascade down various surfaces (more loudly).

No matter whether you choose a custom-made waterfall or a kit that can be put together, you will require professional installation. It is not obligatory to find the person experienced in waterfall installation, but you’ll have to find someone who knows stonework. As a rule, installation takes up to 48 hours.

Is it really worth it?

To the majority of people, inground pool waterfalls are just self-indulgence. But if you think about it, so are backyard pools themselves. Everything depends on your purposes. If you wish a pool that is both pleasant to the eye and comfortable to swim in, the extra expenses can be easily justified. Remember as well that a waterfall has a better chance to increase the value of your property than a number of other extra pool features.

Instead of taking credit for a pool, most householders refuse from vacations in order to pay for a new inground pool. More than any other decoration or landscape design element, a pool waterfall actually makes your backyard look like a holiday destination. If you’re searching for a way to rationalize the expenditures, that’s it.