Inground pool equipment: general information

Inground pool equipment: general information. Building an inground swimming pool (as well as providing its work) is quite expensive. From the very beginning, you must pay quite a large sum to ensure the high quality and cleanliness of your pool water. Over time, you’ll also have to pay for the repair work and (if desired) add up some extras. Swimming pool equipment: pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners.

In this article, we will give you a review of the equipment you will require for your pool. You can find most of it in a local pool supply store. Nevertheless, for the widest variety (and usually the most affordable prices), search for those objects at your favorite online pool supplier.


For keeping your pool water clean and sanitary, you’ll have to closely monitor and maintain its chemistry. The amount of chlorine you need to use for maintaining your pool clean depends largely on the climate, pool liners, etc. You’ll have to check your pool water on a regular basis using a special kit and add up chemicals as necessary.

Safety equipment

In almost all regions, pool safety equipment is required under the law. It includes safety covers, pool alarms, and pool fence. Be sure to read the law on pool safety in your region carefully and purchase safety equipment that’s not only reliable but also easy-to-use.


Chlorine is excellent for controlling algae, but what to do with mud and other trash that penetrates into your pool? Each pool must have a pump and filter than can cycle all the water in your pool on a regular basis. Now, more and more pool owners prefer using robotic pool cleaners for automatic cleaning of its walls and floors.

Heating system

Pool heaters allow you to maintain comfortable room temperature at your pool and prolong the bathing season. Nevertheless, as electric pool heaters can be too costly, you should think about other supplies such as solar covers or solar heaters.

Landscape design

Each inground swimming pool requires landscaping – and not just to improve its appearance; it also has specific practical purposes. Barriers make it possible to protect the pool from wind and trash, while greenery ensures shade and isolation.

Repair work

At some, each pool will need renovation. In the case of vinyl models, this involves occasional hole patching and lining replacement. Nevertheless, other kinds of pools can also be affected or just wear out with time.

This is just a short description of the inground pool equipment you may have to purchase for your pool. As in the case of pool building, it may be useful to search for the best offers. Avoid limiting yourself to a single pool supplier. Instead, shop around for the one that provides the top products at the most affordable price. Surprisingly, you can save a lot just by doing some additional research.