Inground pool enclosures: price and kits

There are lots of various accessories and extras you can purchase for your pool, but probably the best of them is a pool enclosure. There are many reasons to build one of these structures, but the most evident one is to prolong the bathing season. In colder climates, inground pool enclosures offer a comfortable environment where one can bathe all year round. This remove one of the major obstacles for many future pool owners, which is the concern that they won’t get enough use out of their pool to justify the price.

Sure, a pool enclosure is a quite large investment per se. Nevertheless, in most regions of the country, enclosing your pool will allow you to get much more use out of it. And while that’s perhaps the only thing that can justify the cost of similar structures, below you can find a number of extra benefits it has.

Advantages of an inground pool enclosure

Pool enclosures are available in various forms. There are plain dome structures and full-value permanent facilities constructed according to the same standards as a house. Nevertheless, they all provide the same main advantages. Below you can find the major benefits of getting a pool enclosure:

Year-round swimming.

That’s the main benefit of enclosures. It’s a lot easier to justify their cost when you think how much bathing time they add to your pool. They permit you to swim both in winter and when it rains.

Protection from the sun.

Persons are becoming more aware of the negative impact of sun exposure. A pool enclosure can protect you from the sunlight, which is a main advantage for people who have kids.

Reduced maintenance expenses.

Covering your pool not only keeps garbage out, but also delays water evaporation, which saves you the need to top your pool off with water constantly. Moreover, it shields your pool from cold air, maintains the water warm and decreases your heating expenses.

Enhanced security.

Although not every enclosure is appropriate as the single security measure you use to prevent kids from getting into your pool, it represents one more obstacle.

Surely, pool enclosures have their drawbacks as well. Thus, they take up much space and are far from affordable.

Price of professional installation and pool enclosure kits

The cost of inground pool enclosures varies significantly for different reasons. As they must be big enough to completely enclose the pool (at least), they are available in many different sizes – with bigger sizes clearly costing more. However, even more significantly, such things are built to different standards. As in case of pools, it is impossible to make an informed estimate of costs without knowing all details.

One thing is for sure – if you choose professional installation, you will definitely pay extra. A more affordable alternative is to purchase a pool enclosure kit that you can build yourself. They’re also available in many different types. Some of them are designed only for hardcore DIYs, while the rest can be put together by almost anyone. Usually, such kits are tailored for your pool and then delivered to you for a home assembly.


Pool enclosures are a big investment, but if you’re already putting a huge sum into your new inground pool, this expenditure is justified. In an ideal case, you must install your enclosure simultaneously with your inground pool, since it could impact your thinking on pool dimensions and location. Anyway, you’ll have to balance the price of the enclosure against its capacity to stand up to the elements – that is what you’re purchasing it for, actually.

If you hire a builder to set up your enclosure, all the usual recommendations apply. Ask for several quotes, check the builder’s references and speak to the former clients. As well as with any other home improvement project, the success of the project depends largely on the choice of the contractor.