Infinity edge pools: price is the main drawback

If you want to follow the main trends in pool design, you should consider installing infinity edge pools. Most house owners are ready to pay more to reproduce a vacation experience in their own yard.

Infinity edge pools are also referred to as negative edge pools. They have a short wall on one side, which permits water to spill over into a drainage basin below. The goal of this is to develop an optical illusion, making it look like the water merges with the horizon.

Probably, we all want to have something similar in our backyard. Besides the fact that most years can’t boast of a spectacular scenery, there are several drawbacks that come with setting up an infinity pool. But the main disadvantage is…

Infinity pools is too expensive

With any pool installation, the main thing is to find a builder who is experienced in this kind of projects. Unluckily, not every pool constructor has installed infinity edge pool. In addition to the price of additional materials and work, you usually have to pay extra to get on the schedule of a constructor with the necessary experience. The alternative of employing an inexperienced pool builder just isn’t worth the risk for a similar project.

The additional expenditures don’t end after the pool installation, however. Maintaining an additional system to pump water from the weir back into the pool doesn’t affect the operating costs. In addition, the majority of infinity pool designs are not amenable to pool covers, which are significant for avoiding evaporation and controlling your energy bill.

The point is, these kinds of pools are far from the most expensive. If you wish to enjoy those breathtaking views, be ready to pay extra at every stage (but I guess you already know it).

Other drawbacks of infinity edge pools

Safety is an important problem. Although they certainly look more dangerous than they actually are, there is still the risk of a person falling over the shorter wall into the basin below. Whether this is a probable scenario depends totally on the sort of persons who will be using the pool. Think it all through and make sure to examine any effects it might have on your homeowner’s coverage.

Another issue you may want to face is the environmental effect of installing and operating a similar pool. Apart from the additional power it takes to maintain these pools, there’s the risk of mud slides or other harmful impact on the environment. If you want to install such pool, ensure that you find a pool company that has an experience in this field.

Although they look so amazing, infinity edge pools aren’t for everybody. If your home has an excellent view you want to benefit from, a more traditional semi-inground model may be a more feasible option. On the other side, if you’re not concerned with the price and other “drawbacks”, this chic type of pool may be the best option for you.





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