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In-pool umbrella for your pool

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There’s nothing better than to swim in the pool on summer weekends. One of the most important things about pool relaxation is the provision of shade. In-pool umbrella for your pool.

If you agree with this opinion, you probably realize the attraction of in-pool umbrellas. In contrast to stand-alone umbrellas located on the pool deck, an in-pool option is built into a pool sleeve. This is a great complement to a beach entry or sun shelf, where a little shade maintains the pool water cool on hot days.

Actually, based on the kind of inground pool you’re considering and how you’re going to use it, owning an embedded umbrella holder might be a piece of cake. Nevertheless, we recommend you weigh up all benefits and drawbacks of this popular pool function.

Benefits and drawbacks

The major benefit of in-pool umbrellas is that they securely throw shade right over a pool. Another great argument is that they look incredible. It’s not easy to find a pool function at an analogous price point that adds the sense of fashion and splendor.

The main drawback is that integrated umbrellas are not suitable for any pool design. Most people prefer a concrete pool with a sun shelf, big pool steps, a bench, etc. Although it is technically possible to set up an umbrella sleeve in deep water and take a poll extender to rise the umbrella to the necessary height, it would be difficult to control, and there are lots of wiser options.

Moreover, while in-pool umbrellas are less expensive than other pool extras, they’re definitely more costly than placing stand-alone umbrellas around your swimming pool. In addition to the price of sleeve installation, you’ll require a better-quality umbrella from glass fiber, stainless steel or aluminum, which is able to hold up in the water. Specifically, you need to avoid wooden models, since the water will make them balloon and get constantly stuck in the sleeve.

Why should you buy an in-pool umbrella?

An in-pool umbrella is worthy of your attention if you own a beach entry or a sun shelf. If that’s not the case, it only depends on whether you have a nice place to set up the sleeve and a wish to spend much time relaxing in the water. Prior to taking a decision, be sure to consider carefully other shade options, such as:

  • Patio umbrellas. Traditional freestanding umbrellas can be moved around wherever you want; in addition, they can throw some shade directly over your swimming pool. As stated, their main benefit is a low price and simplicity of installation.
  • Cantilever Umbrellas. Also referred to as offset patio umbrellas, these kinds of umbrellas include canopies that can protrude above a pool. The base can be stand-alone or a sleeve built into the pool deck.
  • Shade sails. This variety of covering extends over the water from polls fixed around the pool. As well as in-pool umbrellas, shade sails are famous for their impressive design, even though they can also block your view of the swimming pool.

If you make a decision to buy an in-pool umbrella, the perfect time to install it is when the pool is first placed. Nevertheless, it is also possible set up an umbrella sleeve to an available pool as a small renovation project. The main benefit of attaching the sleeve later is that it gives you an understanding of where the sun falls on your pool – and consequently, where the shade is particularly necessary.

In summary, the attraction of owning an in-pool umbrella is clear. However, it may not be so clear where you should place it. Given that you have a nice place for an in-pool umbrella, you will hardly find a better option for protecting your swimming pool from the sun.


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