How to use Houzz for installing an ideal backyard pool?

When it concerns property design and improvement, one page prevails. Since its emergence in the end of 2010s, has increased in popularity year by year and now includes almost 2.000.000 pictures of everything related to design (including pools).

Houzz represent a site, which permits design experts to demonstrate their best projects with the help of online portfolios that the householders can use for inspiration. Clients can save pictures that attract their attention and, possibly, even get in touch with the company to carry out the work. Stuffed with samples of excellent design, Houzz is an obligatory stop for any person considering a large home renovation project.

In brief, if you’re considering a new pool, you must be on Houzz.

Houzz or Pinterest?

People frequently compare Houzz to the social network giant Pinterest; however, there are several significant differences. Firstly, Houzz is more detailed, and includes data are focused exclusively on home improvement. Secondly, Houzz has built-in functions directed at connecting householders with home improvement experts. Almost any reputable pool constructor can be found on Houzz, along with project images and contact information.

However, Pinterest has its own benefits. Thus, it’s more suitable for saving random photos you find on the web. That is to say, you must not choose only one of them. The webpages are complementary and are both wonderful instruments tools for future pool owners.

How to use Houzz?

If you know Pinterest and other social network sites well, starting with Houzz will be easy for you.

Note: Apart from the webpage, Houzz also provides a mobile application, which you can download for more comfortable use.

  1. Get registered
    The process of registration for Houzz is so easy that it doesn’t even need explanation. If you’re registered on to Facebook, you can just sign in. Another option is to create an account with the help of your electronic mail address.
  2. Create a few ideabooks
    Ideabooks are just collections of images. If you want, you can just create one ideabook for your pool inspirations and proceed to the next step. Nevertheless, it may be more useful to create an ideabook for every part of pool design you want to investigate. Below are several examples:
  • Freeform Pools
  • Water Feature
  • Spools
  • Sun Shelf
  1. Begin collecting images
    Finding excellent pool images on Houzz is simple. All you need is to type a pool-related keyword in the search bar at the top of the page and see what appears. But if you don’t know where to look, just begin browsing the category “Pools & Spas”.

After finding something that inspires you, press on the button “Save” and add it to your ideabook.

How to find a pool constructor on Houzz?

Well, Houzz is excellent for finding pool ideas, but can you find pool builders there? Is it an efficient instrument for encountering the ideal builder for your pool project?

Yes, you can. However, there are several caveats.

A special button “Find a Pro” encourages you to look for companies in your regions, including pool experts. There you can find user feedback, design awards, etc. to help you narrow it down. As soon you find a perfect expert, you can just switch to the company’s site or use the contact details listed on Houzz to contact them.

In addition, client reviews for pool experts seem to be especially scarce, while the feedback and composite ratings available there must be interpreted with caution. Remember that firms frequently ask their most satisfied clients to share a feedback on Houzz. As a consequence, they’re usually more akin to client feedbacks than critical reviews.

With that in mind, there is no ideal instrument for locating a pool expert on the web, and Houzz is just one of many excellent options. When you’re ready to start acting, you must search on various channels and ensure that you carefully look into the companies you’re considering. Houzz is certainly a good choice for this task.