How to save money on pool maintenance?

As we have already mentioned, the price of pool maintenance can differ significantly based on its dimensions, materials, characteristics and general design. But this is not to say that all of your maintenance costs are static as soon your pool is built. Although these essential factors form the basis of your monthly servicing bill, there are many smaller things you can do to decrease the sum you pay monthly for such things as water, chemical substances and heating. How to save money on pool maintenance?

Most of these steps are quite cheap, and they can help you save much in the long run. However, as well as following a diet, they really take some daily discipline. The more coherent you are about reducing your pool servicing expenses, the more successful you’ll probably be. How to save money on pool maintenance?

  1. Get a pool safety cover

A safety cover is a comparatively small-scale investment that has a potential to pay off repeatedly in decreased energy expenditures. By reducing the speed of evaporation, a cover maintains your pool naturally warmer so that your heater doesn’t need to work so much. For more energy conversation, you can buy a solar pool cover, which is intended to trap the sunlight.

  1. Control everything

If you really want to save, make sure you control the pool’s chemical balance (since otherwise, you could face an algae issue, which will be way costlier to fix over the long term). Moreover, not cleaning your pool on a regular basis could have a negative effect on the performance of your filter and pump.

  1. Switch off water features when the pool is not in use

Features like deck jets and waterfalls harness the energy to run and usually increase evaporation and water cooling. For most persons, a main advantage of such features is the sound accompaniment they generate even when the pool isn’t used. Nevertheless, turning them off as often as possible (particularly when you’re out) is a best way to conserve energy.

  1. Benefit from an energy saving pump

Traditional pool pumps work at one speed, spending too much energy on small tasks, such as filtration. Setting up a variable speed pump can help you save about $1000 throughout the life of the pump. Based on the state you reside in; you may also apply for an energy discount.

  1. Drop the temperature

Buying a heater is a good idea if that means you can get the most out of your pool. But you should realize that you pay extra for every degree you increase the water temp. Although you might enjoy swimming in bath water, you can save much by keeping the temperature as low as possible (while feeling comfortable, of course). And of course, you need to turn the heat off when the pool isn’t used.

  1. Take care of the proper environment for your pool

It may not be possible to move your pool after it’s been set up; however, you can modify its surroundings in a way that could make it work more effectively. For instance, building a windbreak can decrease water evaporation, which consequently reduces heating expenses. Or, if your pool is excessively shady, cutting off a tree could address the issue without wasting money on the heater.