How to organize a pool party?

One of the main benefits of having a personal pool is inviting your family and friends. Eventually, swimming is more entertaining when you share it with other people. In addition, taking into account how much you’re spending on a new pool, it would be a pity to keep this to yourself. How to organize a pool party?

Luckily, it isn’t difficult to attract people a pool party. They will gladly come to visit you. Almost any pool is perfect for arranging any summer party.

However, some pools are particularly suitable for hosting parties, since they’re intended for it. If organizing events is one of your key drivers for buying a pool, below are several features you should include in your bucket list.


Before considering the luxurious and spectacular features to impress your friends, make sure you have the essential ones. This involves planning for a pool area that can comfortably place a group of persons. Below are some essentials:

A roomy pool deck. No one have ever complained of building too large deck. Undervaluing how much pool deck is required is a widespread mistake for pool owners, and one that’s particularly unfortunate for those who enjoy organizing lots of parties. Although it’s usually quite expensive, a spacious pool deck is a must for almost any event.

Lighting. Appropriate lighting is an essential part of night parties. It’s helps to create a special in your pool area. Think of adding lights along the way to greet and guide the guests, and bright LED lights to impress them while they’re standing next to the pool.

Proper organization. Throwing a party usually means doing a thousand things at a time, as you’re trying to meet guests, talk, serve meals and drinks, etc. Owning a well-structured pool area with enough free space permits guests to help themselves more comfortably, which relives you of some pressure. Moreover, it enhances the likelihood that if you lose something, you will be able to find it.

Comfortable furniture. It’s obvious that you’ll wish to invest in a cool patio table with comfy chairs. Other options are additional sun beds, children’s furniture or a pair of fold-out chairs to pull out when necessary. Everything depends on the scope of the parties you’re going to arrange.

This equipment is obligatory if you want to arrange cool pool parties. However, if you don’t want to be restricted to this, there are many extra options. How to organize a pool party.

Amazing extras

There are so many extra features you can add to entertain your guests. Below are some of the most widespread ideas that are definitely worth the price:

Open-air stereo system. There are many ways to enjoy music at your event, starting with the simple boom box. More sophisticated installation are weatherproof speakers, hidden wires, etc.

Bonfire. Bonfires usually attract persons, while the combination of fire and water is really fascinating.

Outdoor kitchen. Think of purchasing a high-class grill in order to make a barbecue for your guests. A more elaborate option is a fully functional outdoor kitchen.

Games. If you’re inviting an active company, you should consider a jump, slide or some aquatic park-like features. For competitive games, think of installing a volleyball net, basketball hoop, etc. Remember that including such features could affect your decision on a pool depth.

Jacuzzi. This is an excellent place to have adult conversations. The water relaxes persons, stimulating them to open up and probably even give away a few secrets. This is a quite expensive option, but a jacuzzi is a perfect variant to have for more intimate encounters.

Do you feel confused? Don’t worry, since you don’t require all this equipment to organize an excellent pool party. In some sense, a pool is just a pretext to have your friends and family over more frequently. The rest is just a bonus.