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How to make a pool pet friendly

How to make a pool pet friendly

Let’s face it: most of us adore our pets. However, even though people usually love their animals almost as much as their kids, they don’t tend to monitor them as carefully. For pool owners, this can result in tragedy. How to make a pool pet friendly.

Data on animal drowning are difficult to find; however, this an issue that must worry each dog/cat owner who has a pool. In contrast to popular belief, pets don’t understand how to swim or behave next to the water. Dogs frequently become victims of drowning for the same reasons children are – a mix of lack of foresight and excitement.

How to make a pool pet friendly

As in the case of child pool safety, there’s no replacement for parental supervision when it concerns to preserving your animals’ safety around the pool. Nevertheless, the right functions can offer additional inner peace, making it easier for both you and your pets to spend good time the water. Below are a few things you should add to your pool design:

Safety fence.

In the majority of places, the law demands you to overlap your pool with a fence or other barrier. A common safety fence is usually suitable for this purpose. But if you also want to give your pet uncontrolled access to the yard, you should think of buying removable pool fencing that surrounds the pool area. Forget about a pool cover, as it can even be dangerous to pets if they get caught underneath.

Walk-in access.

Pets must be able to get out of the pool if they fall in it. A beach entry or steps are the most popular options. An easier solution is to purchase a ramp that’s designated for this purpose.

Water disturbance alarm.

On the technological side, there are water disturbance alarms on sale, which will warn you every time they detect movement in your pool. They work perfectly as another layer of security in addition to other measures. But they’re not flawless, particularly when it concerns minor disturbances. In short, you shouldn’t rely on them alerting you if your dog decides to take a dip.

Security installations.

You can purchase life vests for dogs (they can be found in various sizes). Another option is to buy devices that fix to a dog’s collar and alert you when it gets wet. But most importantly, you have to realize how you’re going to save your pet if it’s suffering. Having a life belt close for them to get onto is much better than get scratched.

Other recommendations

This webpage concentrates on pool design and characteristics, but it would be a mistake not to stress the importance of behavior when it concerns pet security. Below you can find several advices from the professionals on keeping your pets safe next to the pool:

  • Show your dog how to swim. Not all dogs can swim. Some of them can be natural born swimmers, while others are afraid of water. Luckily, you can often teach your dog to become a better swimmer. Take your dog into the water frequently until it gets used to swimming.
  • Don’t forget to collect toys. Particularly, dogs are frequently targeted in the race for a favorite toy. This can cause trouble if the toy ends up in the water – or worse, caught underneath a pool cover. In short, be careful with any temptations that might cause hazardous situations.
  • Reinforce right conduct around the pool. As well as kids, dogs tend to freak out near the pools. Take your dog to the poolscape and ensure that follows general commands. This involves not jumping into the water until you give permission. If your dog enjoys swimming, it can be used as a reward to reinforce good conduct.
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