How to build the best inground pool for your house?

If you’ve made any planning for an inground pool, you know that there is huge variety of options to select from. It’s impossible to say what the ideal inground pool looks like since it depends largely on your taste and property. All these variants are available not only because householders have various budgets, but also since they have different taste and requirements. How to build the best inground pool for your house?

To install the optimal inground pool for your house, summarize what you want out of your new pool and then determine the functions and materials that help you reach it. You’ve already taken the most important decision in choosing between an inground pool and an above ground model. Below are some of the other significant decision points to consider.

Material of the liner

Vinyl is definitely the cheapest option, while fiberglass and concrete are more durable and qualitative. In short, if you can afford, your choice will probably be limited to concrete vs fiberglass.

These pools varieties have many differences, so you’ll need to spend a lot of time weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each. Concrete is still considered the best option; however, fiberglass models are becoming increasingly popular.


Don’t think that larger means better. Apart from paying extra for a bigger pool, you’ll also need to sacrifice more space in your side yard. If you don’t have enough space in the first place, a bigger pool may out of question.

Many householders think that a smaller inground pool addresses their needs perfectly, without taking up space that could be used for other activities. Much depends on how you’re going to use the new pool. If you wish to swim and work out a lot, a standard-sized pool (about 16 x 32 or bigger) is the best option. However, if all you need is to take the plunge from time to time, a small pool could serve just fine.

Maintenance features

Maintaining your pool can be labor-intensive and costly. The ideal pool must be as “self-supporting” as possible (unless you’re going to just employ a pool expert to carry out the work for you).

This could involve buying a robotic cleaner or an automatic pool cover. Saltwater pools are becoming more and more popular as well, because householders do everything possible to avoid using chlorine. Eventually, review your pool heating options carefully, since this can represent a significant running cost.

Extra features

Extra features include not only deck furniture and pool equipment. Lots of extra features that aren’t included in the price quotes offered by the contractors can add up to more than the price of pool installation. The more expensive things are landscape design, springboards and water slides. How to build the best inground pool for your house?

Surely, of all the addition features you can buy to supplement your pool, one of the most sought-after (and costly) is an attached spa. For many pool owners, however, a spa is not an extra feature, but an indispensable element. The same applies to any of the upgrades indicated. However, the need of extra features is up to you.

Realizing your plans

As you can tell, the perfect pool is actually a matter of taste. You could spend a lot of time imagining the ideal pool that has all the features you need. However, planning your dream pool in every detail is not a big deal if you don’t have a pool builder that can do the job carefully.

As well as with any other home improvement project, it’s important to get in touch with several contractors to find one who does a good work at a reasonable price. Needless to say, communication is also crucial at every stage of installation. The chosen contractor must understand what the best inground pool is in your imagination and have enough skills and experience to make it real.