How to build a pool with your own hands? Install a pool yourself

We’re sure you know that it is possible to save a significant amount by installing your new pool on your own. It may seem easy. All you need is to install your pool yourself without employing a costly contractor. It’s not a big deal, is it?

However, setting up a pool is far from easy. DIY webpages and edited YouTube tutorials make it look very simply, but even a small research will make you think otherwise. Installation of a swimming pool is a difficult task, which should be entrusted to the experts. How to install a pool yourself?

But this does not mean that setting up your own pool isn’t for you. Many householders get participate actively in their pool projects. To achieve success in your project, the main thing is to take it easy and, of course, be aware of your limits.

Creation of your own pool

Making generalized conclusions about pool projects is a great risk, as it involves various materials, dimensions, forms and functions– let alone the characteristics of your property and its environments. Each pool installation is different. Before proceeding with a discussion of a pool installation, we should consider at least the main variables involved.

How hard can this project be? Install a pool yourself.

Perhaps, that’s the first question that comes to mind of any person considering the DIY pool installation. Actually, pool projects are very different: from simple to virtually unattainable. Below you can find some of the kinds of pool installations you can try:

Above ground pool.

Many above ground pools are intended for average householders to install themselves. But even here, the complexity can vary significantly. For instance, a big above ground pool embedded in a wraparound deck isn’t something most persons can do without employees.

Pool kit.

They include everything you need for the installation of a traditional inground pool, including detailed documentation and telephone support. This additional guidance is all that most amateurs need to set up their own pool – although one with a restricted amount of options.

Custom inground pool.

Inground pools are available in many different shapes, but no matter what you choose, we may safely say that installation is many-sided and hard. This isn’t something the common person would even think about trying.

Apart from the kind of installation, the other variable that can significantly affect the complexity level is the are you will deal with. Thus, lots of stones or underground water, makes installation process more difficult. Unluckily, without certain skills in pool installation and common digging, you may not even notice potential hotspots in advance.

No experience necessary

Installation of an above ground pool with your own hands usually involves carrying out all the work related. On the other side, when persons speak of installing an inground or semi-inground pool on their own, they usually mean that they acted as their personal main contractor – planning the layout and employing subcontractors to carry out the actual surely.

Of course, there are many other methods of participating in a pool project without claiming to “installing it yourself”. You can perform a part of the common labor, help with areas you’re experienced in, or just actively participate in planning.

The benefits of assuming an inground pool project

Let’s abandon the simple projects and talk about complicated installations. There are several reasons why persons decide to install their own pools, but only one of them matters for the common householder. Of course, we mean money.

You should know that even the simplest inground pool usually costs about $10.000, and it can increase significantly. With a significant part of this price going to pool company profits and labor, a skilled householder can save lots by assuming a part of the project (or the entire one). The sum that can be saved is based on the kind of installation and the normal rate for pools in your region.

Surely, even with the potential for significant savings, most persons would never consider installing their own pool. Install a pool yourself? The majority of people who do consider it fast reconsider when they look into what’s included.

Caveat do-it-yourselfer

The are many disadvantages of installing your own pool, most of which discourage most future pool owners from seriously thinking about it. Below you can find the largest ones that stop many amateur pool builders:

  1. You could screw it up. Perhaps, that’s the most evident reason. When you’re working on digging, fixtures and electric equipment, many things can go sideways. Do-overs can turn out hard and expensive, and in the worst-case scenario, you can negatively affect your property value.
  2. Local construction codes can destroy your plans. In certain regions, the legislation demands licensed pool contractors to carry out all pool installations. Even if the construction codes in your region don’t involve such a sticking point, there may be paperwork and other burdensome requirements that make self-installation an unrealizable task.
  3. It might not be worth it eventually. No matter if you’re controlling subcontractors or just doing some research, your time is a valuable research. Calculate how long the job will take, and what you would probably be paying for this job. Now take into account the fact that experts can frequently do the work quicker and, of course better than you can.

It is clear that the persons who can complete their own pool installations are extremely rare. Luckily, there are many ways to participate in a pool project without assuming such a difficult task. For the majority of us, the way to get involved is to plan the pool of your dream, control the project from the beginning to the end, and let the experts do what they know best.