How to build a pool suitable for everyone?

Who doesn’t like pools? However, it is not safe and easy-to-use for everybody (at least, not without some help). This has probably come to mind of any parent of small kids who has thought of installing a pool in view of the horrible drowning statistics that are released annually. The same applies to lots of adult persons with mobility problems, who usually have hard time getting in and out of a pool by means of conventional equipment.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of ways to make your pool more secure and affordable for persons of different ages and abilities. You should begin with selecting the appropriate style and size. After that, think of additional functions that will make life easier for all persons who will enjoy your swimming pool.

Below you can find certain ideas regarding adjusting your pool to meet your family’s demands.


There are many pool functions that can help you safeguard your kids from injuries, but none of them can replace good old adult supervision. Thus, during design, you should think of placing your pool next to the house where you will be able to keep track of everything. Avoid blocking your view of the pool with trees or barriers.

Another option is to choose a shallow pool permitting children to feel bottom in the majority of points.

Elderly persons

The major problem for most elderly persons is mobility. Therefore, the ideal pool for the old people would involve some kind of beach entry or steps. Another option to get in and out of the pool are handrails.

To make things easier for older persons, consider extra pool heating. Cool water temperatures that most swimmer find invigorating can be even freezing to the older people. An attached spa, apart from being healing, can help elderly persons get warm after bathing.

Eventually, elderly persons may have different health problems, which must not be neglected. No matter if it’s an element of your pool design or not, you need personal emergency response system in place to ensure that help can come as fast as possible if an issue arises.

Disabled persons

Most people with disabilities have an idea of the advantages of water therapy. You can get the same advantages at home by setting up a swim spa or any other kind of therapeutic pool. This is usually less expensive than setting up an inground pool, with additional options for accommodation.

However, common pools provide something the specific pools don’t – an opportunity to communicate with people. Many disabled persons just want to wade, have fun and play around in the pool just like all the rest. And if you have the necessary equipment, they can do it.

Since the requirements of the persons with disabilities are varied, it’s hardly possible to make general conclusions on what equipment is the most suitable. Below you can’t find a short overview of what’s available:

  • Beach entry
  • Ramps
  • Handrails
  • Mobile aquatic chairs
  • Stairlifts

While thinking of the pool design, keep in mind the area surrounding it, which can require configurations, such as rails, wheelchair access and non-slip decking.

Everybody will have a good time

Equipping your pool for persons of varying needs can be expensive. On the other side, most of the above considerations just need a bit of forethought. Pools are a perfect place for persons to spend time together, so ensure that everybody who comes to visit you can enjoy your pool to the same extent.