cost of putting in an inground pool

How do I get rid of moss rocks around my pool?

Of environmentally friendly means I can advise an innovative product on a water basis. It does not contain any chemical solvents and acids, moreover, it is biodegradable. The solution effectively removes not only mold, moss, and lichen but also other greens that you want to remove from your pool. You can use a commercial moss stone cleaner to clean heavily soiled areas.

How do I get rid of calcium deposits in my fountain?

Mechanical cleaning of calcium deposits is time-consuming and often results in scratches and a gradual tarnishing of the surfaces. It’s better to turn to acid as its chief enemy. Calcium and magnesium salts become water-soluble as they interact with them. In other words, plaque turns from solid to friable, which means it is easier to remove. Much stronger and faster dissolves potassium and magnesium salts acetic acid. And not ordinary vinegar, but concentrated vinegar. Its use is the cheapest way to restore the shine and cleanliness of the fountain.

Do pool fountains help with algae?

Green algae are the most common problem with swimming pools. They show up in open water in the sun as early as day 2. A clear sign is the water has a murky green hue. The cause may be insufficient cleaning of the pool, ignoring special agents against algae, and stagnant water. Yellow ones occur on the non-sunny side of the pool. They are poorly removed by scrapers and water vacuums. Killing them will require the use of increased doses of chlorine and algaecide. Good pool water circulation helps distribute chemicals, move water through the filter, and prevent the growth of algae and other bacteria in the pool.

cost of putting in an inground pool