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Hidden water pools

Hidden water pools

As a rule, the idea is to boast your inground pool, conceal it. Nevertheless, a company from California known as “Hidden Water Pools” wants to change it by using an innovative design that has received lots of hype recently. The cool invention is a decorative patio that transforms into a pool and back again within a second.

Hidden water pools include a platform that can gain any depth between 1 and 6 feet. The system keeps water in reserve that it later pumps into the recently materialized pool bed. In accordance with the company, such magical transformation takes about a minute.

Wave of the future

A convertible pool has some obvious benefits. The most evident of them is that it takes up little  space. Such system offers more valuable space in the offseason, when your pool is not used.

Safety is another important benefit. Traditional pools pose a serious drowning threat to kids, which is why the majority of places have laws demanding pools to be surrounded by a safety fence. A drained Hidden Waters Pool doesn’t constitute such risk.

On the negative side, the options for such pool are quite limited. Many extra features, such as water slides and springboards would look kind of stupid on your patio. It is still possible to install water jets for workouts, but that’s one of the very few feasible options.

In addition, while there would be a great advantage in being able to transform a bigger pool into valuable space, small pools like these are very easy to hide in a corner of your house. In case of a lack of space, most persons would probably choose a plain compact plunge pool instead of paying extra for one of these systems.

What’s the price?

The company’s page doesn’t usually communicate the price of such pool/patio system; however, it states that it costs more than hidden water pools of the same size. The page also notes that their pools can save you a fortune in the long term in maintenance expenses. Since the water is preserved under the ground and is immune to the chilling effects of air, it’s more effective to heat. And since it’s not exposed continuously to the sunlight, pool chemicals is less expensive and simpler to maintain.

Update: A company referred to as “Invisipools” announced on its Facebook page that it has purchased “Hidden Water Pools”. They confirm that their original markets will be Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Florida and California. They have kept the company’s former website address, but now the page includes only a registration form.

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