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Fiberglass pools

Fiberglass pools

Convenience and fast installation time are two factors that are often critical in the final decision on the pool construction. Most of potential owners get frightened by the prospect of long-term construction on their sites with all the attendant inconveniences. Fiberglass pools is a monolithic cup, whole product, ready to be installed in a specially prepared ground. No need to carry out concreting considerably reduces the time of installation. The maximum term of the comprehensive efforts on installation are 10-14 days.

Fiberglass Pools: material benefits

A distinctive feature of the fragile, at first glance, material is its nothing but phenomenal strength. Today, it is impossible to imagine the existence of a branch, such as the automotive industry without the use of fiberglass. And from materials similar to the one of which a fiberglass pool is made, the Atlantic yachts bodies are carried out, that are capable of carrying the most violent storms easily. And all because the fiber is 17 times stronger than concrete or granite.

And on this its wonderful qualities do not end:
Solid bowl can withstand multi-ton load.

Fiberglass has good flexibility. If the construction of the pool or its further operation will be accompanied by a motion of the ground, it will not lead to the destruction and cracks in the walls of the structure, and the bowl itself will fully retain its integrity.
Small coefficient of linear expansion – in other words, the material with the same ease takes the moves to -40 degrees and +40, without losing its properties.

Durability: the service life of fiberglass is practically unlimited.

Resistance to chemicals and ultraviolet light (i.e., it doesn’t fade in the sun, keeping the color and attractive appearance).
completely waterproof – water from the pool in any case will not leak into the ground.
fiberglass pool is formed as a whole, has no seams and junctions which significantly reduces the strength.

Pool safety and environmental friendliness

Fiberglass pools are eco-friendly and harmless for the owners.

The absolute smoothness of the surface, no sharp angles and ribs make swimming pool a safe place. In addition, a special coating of fiberglass pool prevents the growth of bacteria, mucus, and unicellular algae, minimizing the need to use chemicals and keeping the pool water clean and clear.

Cost of operation

The fiberglass has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity (in other words – the water cools slowly). Compared with the same concrete structures fiberglass pool is saving about 30% of electricity in heating water.
Fiberglass pool is resistant to frost, its preparation for the winter takes a minimum of time, but pool conservation is a prerequisite for proper operation.

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