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Fiberglass pool inserts

Fiberglass pool inserts

Fiberglass pool inserts are the newcomers when it concerns pool building, and as well as the majority of latest developments, they’ve dealt with their share of skepticism. Part of it was probably unjust, since persons had to get accustomed to a completely different way of pool construction. But undoubtedly, the rookie may not have been what it was meant to be.

Times have changed. The pool industry in general has been though a lot with the crisis, but there is still much interest in fiberglass pools. The distinction is that today, such pools have to do more to draw all that attention. Below are specific ways they have improved over time.

More forms and dimensions

Perhaps the most visible improvement has been the rise in the significant variety of pool shells you can get. Fiberglass shells are pre-fab and face delivery limitations, so there will always be restrictions on them that aren’t there for concrete pools. Nevertheless, the amount of options has enhanced to the point where even fastidious future pool owners can generally find something to their taste.

Extra features

Another drawback of fiberglass pools has been that they’re strict in what kind of additional features you can incorporate. However, that’s currently changing. Today, it is possible to buy fiberglass pools with such features as beach entry, infinity edges, embedded LED lights, as well as a huge variety of decks. Due to the modular units provided by various manufacturers, attached spas are also a great option.

Improved installation methods

Fiberglass pool inserts are infamous for being sensitive to horrible issues like wall bulging. Nevertheless, enhanced installation methods have minimized the risk of serious problems. For instance, while there’s still discussion on the issue, the use of gravel for backfilling (instead of sand) generally prevents the possibility of wall bulging.

However, we should note that there’s still the risk of issues based on poor-quality installation. It is essential to find the proper pool company (this applies to all types of pools, not only fiberglass).

Improved finishing

As we have already mentioned, spider cracks are a potential issue for fiberglass pools. This occurs if the gel coat applied to the surface is unable to resist pressure from the pool shell. Another widespread issue related to colored fiberglass pool finishing is that the color can fade away with time, and when it occurs, it can be difficult to match the same color at the time of renovation. Although these are still major problems for fiberglass pools, developments in the gel coating have decreased the impact.

Are fiberglass pools the best?

Gunite pools will always have specific benefits and lots of fans. Nevertheless, the fact that fiberglass pools have reinforced its position is clear. Actually, it can’t be said that one kind of pool is better than the other, and this will probably remain like that for the coming years. However, those thorny issues that tormented fiberglass are turning into a matter of the past. For those who sincerely like the appearance of fiberglass, and appreciate the simpler installation and maintenance associated with it, the choice is evident.

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