Do you really have to hire a pool expert?

Raking leaves, checking out the water balance, removing dirt from pool walls… Not many people think about these obligations when they’re considering a purchase of a new pool. However, such exhausting tasks are also a part of pool ownership, just like all the entertainments you’re waiting for. Why you should hire a pool expert.

It’s not surprising that most pool owners decide to delegate the pool service. For sure, employing a pool expert isn’t cheap– about $100 per month, based on the dimensions of your pool and where you reside. And unluckily, it’s not so easy to find a person who knows his/her job.

So, what should you do? Face it and maintain your pool on your own, or employ a pool pro who can do that for you? Unfortunately, there is no single answer. It was based essentially on what you’re able to afford and whether you appreciate your time. However, let’s consider it in greater detail.


Pool services are available in various packages; however, for a reasonable price, you can employ someone to do everything necessary to maintain your pool. This involves cleaning, using chemical substances, as well as minor repairs of pool pumps and other items of equipment (not to mention opening and closing the pool).

Employing a pro to perform these boring pool maintenance tasks allows you to spend more time next to the pool. Usually, the pool expert comes to your house once every seven days and check on your pool. In short, you don’t have to think about pool maintenance at all– the pool will always stay clean without any efforts from your side.

One more reason to employ a pool expert is that you can benefit from his/her experience. Of course, it is possible learn to maintain a pool, but are you sure that you really want it? Anyway, you won’t be able to deal with all the problems. Therefore, we think that hiring a pool pro is more than justified.


Usually, the new pool owners refuse prom hiring a pool expert for a single reason – in order to save. Of course, the monthly fee of a pool maintenance is high. A calculating pool owner will be able to save a significant sum maintaining the pool on their own, and later invest a part of his/her savings in robotic pool cleaners and other machinery that facilitates the job.

By doing the maintenance yourself, you can also be sure the work is being made correctly. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about all pool services. Since pool experts are obliged to maintain lots of pools, they may miss scheduled appointments if they think they’re going to get off.

In addition, pool experts can encourage you to make costly improvements, ask you to pay you dubious fees for chemical substances, etc., and usually do everything possible to make a quick buck. You should know at least something about work being carried out; otherwise, you could easily fall under the influence of an unfair seller.


Still not sure? We recommend you try and maintain your own pool for a short while. In the worst case, you will understand that you can’t do it and employ a pool expert.

If you decide to hire a pool expert, chose the best one. The benefits of employing a pool service only become a reality if he/she knows his/her job. If the pool expert really makes your life easier, hiring him/her is worth the price.