Different ideas for pool design

Own swimming pool on the territory of the country-house can hardly surprise anyone. The stationary outdoor, outdoor, mobile or collapsible pool became the usual element of country-house, such as a summer-house, garden swing or patio. Ideas for pool design.

Every country-house owner must make his own decision about how his/her pool will look. The choice depends only on the personal preferences and the amount of time spending in the country.

If you spend only summer months in the country-house, the building of outdoor swimming pool is advisable. If there is no such possibility, you’d better buy the portable swimming pool. And if you live in the country-house all the year round, and want to swim regularly, irrespective of the weather outside, the best solution is the building of indoor pool- immediately in the house or in the outhouse.

But wherever the stationary indoor pool is located, you’ll face with a question of a proper design of the accommodation with the pool and the pool bowl. What kind of pool finishing is optimal? What does the notion of “pool design” include?

ideas for pool design
pool designs
If the pool is located immediately in the house, the designers usually try to decorate it in the same style as the most of the other house premises.

For example, in the house, done out in a classical style, the accommodation with the pool also represents the model of classic. In this case, the walls can be painted with the waterproof paint, planked with cork panels, tiled or covered with acrylic plastering.

If the home interior is performed in the country style, the best option is the wood wall covering or stone surfacing.

If you choose the art-deco style, give preference to the tile and mosaic panels. The pool design in ethnic style is also very popular.

There is also an economical option- plastic panel for the walls and the floor. If you choose the modern design of the pool, make one wall completely out of glass (the frame with glass packets). As for the other walls, give preference to mosaics, metal or paint them with waterproof paint in imitation of metal.

By the way, the most specialists recommend glassing one of the walls anyway. The accommodation will look brighter, and the heat waste will decrease due to the multichamber glass packets.

Take into account your own preferences, choosing colors and materials for the finishing of the accommodation with the pool and the pool itself.