Dare to dream: 3 great (and expensive) swimming pool features

There is an immense variety of swimming pools. There are significant differences even among prefabricated pools, not to mention the custom installations. 3 expensive swimming pool features.

As we have stated time and again, the only restrictions on a individual pool design are financial condition and imagination. Our page focuses mainly on the first, allowing you to save on the pool installation. Below you can find some pool ideas designed to fuel your imagination regardless of the price.

Keep in mind that the following pool extras don’t come cheap. However, if you’re searching for a way to construct the pool of your dreams, you may find one (or a few) of them useful.

3 great swimming pool features


A grotto acts as the ideal romantic decoration of a lagoon-style pool.

Resort-style features differ a conventional above-ground pool from a luxurious one. And with regard to resort-style features, grottos lead the list for beautiful look and splendor.

Pool grotto is a cave you can swim into, generally located inside the rock. Such structure is frequently equipped with an integrated waterslide or cascade, inter alia. With their natural attractiveness, grottos work great in a tropical pool design to provide you a sense of slipping away to your own discreet slice of heaven.

A pool grotto can represent a tiny place to hide from the sun, or a way more complex structure including a bar, a spa, rest zone, colored LEDs, etc. As you can see, the cost of pool grotto can be very different, but even the cheapest options generally cost at least $10.000.

Climbing walls

Climbing walls have been widespread for many years, so it was perhaps only a question of time before water climbing walls became popular. Today, as any other aquapark feature, they’re starting to be used in the conventional pools.

A climbing wall is attached to the pool deck and usually extends up and at an angle, permitting the pool owners to dive into the water once they let go. Climbing walls represent an exciting alternative to a conventional springboard, even if one that usually isn’t as aesthetically attractive. Probably, the greatest thing about climbing walls have is that they provide a tempting form of workout, particularly for older kids and teenagers.

An aquatic climbing wall may not destroy your pool budget, but local pool norms could be a problem. Anyway, you’ll require a deep end that allows persons to safely dive into the pool without touching bottom.

Lazy rivers

The perfect lazy rivers have beautiful landscape to look at while you swim.

Isn’t it amazing to swim around in a lazy river at any time convenient for you – without fighting crowds at the closest aqua park? It is the dream of the majority of people, and the reason why demand for lazy rivers is growing rapidly.

In fact, a lazy river is a long and shallow pool with a current generation system, which maintains inner tubes afloat. Nevertheless, this is suitable only for beginners. A rather remarkable lazy river sends floaters on a tour of amazing landscape design, probably with several exciting twists like cascades and drop-offs. A pedestrian bridge over the lazy river pool is another benefit, and may prove practical for reaching parts of your yard blocked by the water.

A small lazy river might not be much more expensive than a conventional high-class pool, but the fact that’s it’s intended exclusively for swimming turns it into a real squandering. Surely, you can easily hook it up to a general-purpose pool, but then you’ll paying extra. Apart from money, another resource you require is space, since no one likes going round and round in circles for many hours.