Pools ideas Articles Cool ideas for small pool house

Cool ideas for small pool house

Cool ideas for small pool house

Owning a pool house is reasonable for multiple reasons. It provides a comfortable place for storing pool equipment, a personal space to take on and off swimsuits, and probably even a small relaxation space to hang out in your side yard. Therefore, a pool cabana can be a real home away from home, equipped with bedroom, bathroom and place for cooking.

However, not all people have enough space or money for this. Nevertheless, you should know that even a small pool cabana can be a great complement – given that it’s well-thought-out.

As well as with any spool design, the main thing is to understand what you want, and align it with what you can really achieve in a small space. In order to launch the process, below are a few of small pool cabana ideas that can make you go the right way.

1. Identify your priorities

As it id impossible to fit everything you wish into a smaller pool house, the first thing you should do is compile a list of “musts”. Below are the most popular pool house functions to take into account:

  • Locker room
  • Store house
  • Hall
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Kitchen area
  • Minibar
  • Spare bedroom

Of course, not all of these features may be important to you or essential for a small pool house. For the majority of pool owners, the main elements are a locker room and a storage facility for pool equipment. No matter what features you choose, make sure you have enough space to accommodate them.

2. Take a look at a cabana or other options

Even a small pool house can become a difficult and expensive project. So, before proceeding, see if a simplified structure would satisfy your needs. For instance, if you’re searching for a place for storing pool equipment, a shed or other storage facility might do the trick. Remember that it is possible to combine some features if one option doesn’t satisfy all your demands.

3. Consider prefabricated facilities

Prior to constructing something from ground up, you should look at the prefab pool houses that can be ordered on the Internet. Such facilities are delivered straight to your house and assembled in the short term by a team of experts. The main drawback is that the configuration options are restricted. However, if you manage to find a good ready-made pool house at a good cost, it can make everything much easier.

4. Consult a professional

Another good advice is to contact the person experienced in constructing and designing pool houses. An excellent can review your pool are and make proposals on making the most of restricted space. Moreover, they must be aware of the construction code in your region.

5. Save a lot by doing it with your own hands

Installation of a pool house is definitely not a work for beginners. However, if the project is quite simple (and you have enough skills), this variant could help you save significantly. To make such project particularly reliable, you should benefit from pool house designs, prefabricated kits, etc.

6. Keep permits in mind

Even a modest pool house probably requires a construction permit in your region. Since the law is different in different places, the only way to know for certain is to contact your city building jurisdiction. Make sure to do this in advance, since building code could affect your decisions regarding the dimensions and location of your pool house.

Obviously, even a small pool house can take a lot of reflections and scheduling. Since it’s rather an opulence than a need, you should seek a solution that matches your pool environment.

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