Best pool floats for adults

Best pool floats for adults

Sunbathing next to the water is one of the biggest pleasures of having a private pool. But it is even better is to float on top of the water as you lounge with a cold cocktail or simply soak in the sun. Unluckily, almost all pool floats you can find are either intended only for children or are simply too

Widespread fiberglass pool issues

fiberglass pool issues

Fiberglass pools are gaining popularity, and it’s easy to explain. They look great, are relatively easy to install, and stand up to any weather conditions. However, in addition to those benefits, they also have their drawbacks. Fiberglass pool issues are usually individual, so any person interested in purchasing such pool should find out all the details. What makes fiberglass pools stand out?

Inground pool quotes

Inground pool quotes

As soon as you’ve decided what type of pool you wish, it’s time to contact some pool contractors to discuss your fee. The inground pool quotes you get from builders include many different objects that probably add up to about $30.000. Nevertheless, things they don’t include could be even more expensive. Inground pool estimates usually

Zero entry pool

zero entry pool design

Some persons prefer to make a splash with their new inground pool. Others just plunge into pool ownership. Zero entry pool. If you have a zero-entry pool, you might not be able to make a splash in the literal sense of the word; however, you’ll certain attract much attention. Zero entry pools (also referred to as beach entry pools) are

Inground pool enclosures: price and kits

inground pool enclosure prices

There are lots of various accessories and extras you can purchase for your pool, but probably the best of them is a pool enclosure. There are many reasons to build one of these structures, but the most evident one is to prolong the bathing season. In colder climates, inground pool enclosures offer a comfortable environment where one

Cost-effective fiberglass pools: easy ways to save

Cost-effective fiberglass pools

A fiberglass pool has many benefits over other kids of pools. However, this doesn’t apply to the price. Pools made of this material are really safe and algae resistant, which will help you save a lot in the long run. However, if your goal is to find the cheapest option possible, you will definitely be

3 Best inground pool designs

The plunge pool

Probably, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the best pool design is the typical rectangular-shaped pool with a concrete liner. But the thing is, the number of available best inground pool designs is actually endless, and householders are increasingly preferring unusual layouts for saving space or highlighting the beauty of their

Pool slides: security above all

pool slides cost

Once upon a time, a springboard was actually the most unusual feature one could add to an inground pool. However, today, pool owners have a huge variety of options to select from – including lots that used to be reserved for aquatic parks and resorts. For example, inground pool slides that were once uncommon but are becoming more

Pool floats for children

Pool floats for children

As a rule, a pool is enough to keep children entertained, but there can’t be too much excitement, right? Inflatable pool floats for children are not only a lot of fun; they also help protect the kids safe when they learn to swim. If you see a pool float as a plain hoop shaped flotation device, you’ll be surprised at

Fiberglass lap pools

fiberglass lap pools cost

Lap pools are very popular among the homeowners who wish to enjoy the health benefits of swimming right in their personal backyard. Fiberglass pools represent an excellent option for those who seek to avoid the maintenance issues of vinyl or gunite. Luckily, both of these emerging trends aren’t mutually exclusive. Fiberglass lap pools provide you with the workouts of your dream without the