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Best season for purchasing a pool

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Let’s say you already made a decision to purchase a pool. Now it’s time to think about planning. The most important question is, what is the best season for installing a pool?

Any pool seller will tell you that now is the time to make a purchase and support it by claiming that today the prices are better than ever.

In our opinion, a perfect time to get a swimming pool is when you’re prepared. Eventually, there are many decisions to take – and unluckily, the consequences of mistakes are very expensive.

However, if you want to know what season is perfect for buying a swimming pool, the answer of most specialists is autumn. The whole point of this is to catch the pool contractors in the off-season, when it is possible to find optimal prices on material and manpower. It’s difficult to argue with such logic, although every time of the year has its pros and cons as regards pool installation.


The warmer it gets, the higher the swimming pool becomes. Indeed, spring is the season when most householders finally implement their multi-years plans to buy a pool. Pool installation in spring implies that you will make the most of your pool over the whole summer. Unluckily, when the demand is so strong, it’s more difficult to find lucrative deals. Well-established pool contractors may already be overbooked, while the pool vendors don’t have sufficient incentives to reduce the costs of materials.


June and July are usually the worst possible time to build a pool. The costs are very high, famous pool builders still have no free time, and you don’t even have the entire summer to get the most of your acquisition. Actually, installing a pool could ruin your summer vacation. Communicating with the pool builders can be labor-intensive, and as soon as the installation begins, your side yard could be out of work exactly when you need it most. However, August can be a great time to begin calling in the pool contractors, who may be happy to prolong their working season.


The major disadvantage of autumn build is clear: you will be unable to use your swimming pool until spring (given that you don’t live in the hot areas). But in other respects, an autumn installation is worthwhile. Pool contractors are less busy and may be obliged to reduces their prices. You can benefit from this situation. In addition, you’ll have enough time to work on the landscape design of your pool.


If your goal is to strengthen your bargaining position, winter might be the best time. Nevertheless, some nuances could ruin your plans. First of all, the climate in lots of countries can make building winter pool either pool or impossible. Secondly, some contractors take the hibernation vacation during this season, finalizing all the work until demand increases in April or May. Thirdly, on 1 January, the prices usually increase for all types of materials.

Is the choice of time really so important?

Thus, there are significant seasonal distinctions when it concerns building a pool. Take your time- then there’s no cause for hurrying with the installation. Weigh all the pros and cons and find the time of year that meets with your schedule and provides the highest savings.

Finally, we want to mention that it’s better to overpay a bit for a pool of your dream than pick up a “cool deal” on one that ends up to be frustrating – regardless of the time of the year.

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