Best pool party ideas

Whether we’re speaking of a gathering of close friends, or a great birthday party for children, a pool party is always one of the main events of summer. Unluckily, enchanting summer parties will not arrange themselves. Someone must create the magic– and if it’s up to you, we suggest that you keep reading our articles to find a lot of interesting pool party ideas.

Below you can find the best themes for an adult pool party. Remember that you don’t have to choose any specific theme, you can easily combine a few of them.

Beach party

This type of party is both entertaining and easy to arrange. Imagine rubber balls, slippers, sea, sports, and lots of other components of a cool beach party. You can find a broad range of invitations to the beach party online (if they don’t suit, you can develop and send your own ones, of course). As regards food, grilled meals are excellent; add to it ice cream and cold beverages, and you’re ready to go!


Adorn your backyard with shells, forks, clams, squids, and other marine products, and you will get a real underwater kingdom.

Hollywood glamour

Imagine your swimming pool, adorned with the glitter and glamour of Hollywood. Invite your friends, which can come dressed as as their favorite actors. Make sure to serve refreshing drinks and gourmet snacks. Start your favorite movie. That’s all!

Top pool parties for children

Theme parties are a more difficult issue for children’s parties, including those arranged next to the pool. Children enjoy dressing up, playing creative games, and of course, eating lots of sweets. Almost all parents are happy to fulfill their children’s dreams.

If it’s a birthday party, the theme is usually chosen depending on the favorite cartoon characters of the birthday boy/girl. So, below you can find the most popular options for children’s pool parties of all kind:


The good thing is that pool can keep your children busy for a whole day, but why stop at that? We offer you to create a full-scale leisure park around your pool, with such objects as sprinklers, waterslides, or maybe even a bouncy castle.


Mermaid-themed parties are usually very popular among small girls but having a pool as the setting makes it an incredible experience. Build an underwater paradise for your small mermaids and her guests by ornamenting the pool with many blue balloons and wave-like streamers. Food must also correspond to the theme of the party. Give the children keepsakes related to the marine topic.

5 recommendations for pool theme parties

There are many details to consider for any party. However, a pool party requires special implies special rules:

  1. Send invitation cards in advance. Usually, people have many social engagements in summer, so make sure to send your invitation cards at least one month in advance. Kindly ask your guests to give you an answer as soon as possible so you can understand how many guests will come to you.
  2. Use balloons and rubber balls. It isn’t necessary to spend a lot on decorations. You can find many DIY videos on the Internet and create them with your hands.
  3. Draw up a cool pool party playlist. Music sets the mood for the whole party. Find the tracks with summer vibes and melodies that highlight your party theme.
  4. Prepare additional lighting if the party goes after nightfall. Your traditional pool and patio lighting might be insufficient for a proper party. Think of exterior lights and adding some natural lighting. For example, outdoor string lights are cheap and universal.
  5. Take additional towels, sun cream and insect repellent with you. Make sure all of your guests feel safe and comfortable.

We hope that our ideas will help you organize a perfect pool party.