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Best pool floats

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Lounging on a pool float is a great way to spend a hot summer day. Surely, not all of them are made equal. Most of them are cheaply built, boring bits of leaky plastic that may or may not fulfill their main function of keeping you over the water.

Luckily, there are better options. Actually, in comparison with the boring alternatives, top pool floats represent real artworks. So, step back from that nasty inner tube and take a look at the incredible pool floats below that significantly increase the convenience, beauty and entertainment of the bar.

1. Pizza Slice

Note: Scrolling this list can increase your appetite. The reason is that the most popular floaties are made in the form of tasty food (for example, floating pizza slice).

2. Sunflower

We choose the float in the form of sunflower for its’ cuteness and summer mood. Another advantage of this float is that it very cozy and spacious and can accommodate two people.

3. Lobster

This type of pool floats is intended for your children. Adults will be happy to see their kids having fun with this lobster.

4. Recliner

No tricks – this type of pool float is intended to provide comfort and luxury. You can change the position without going out of the water. Another benefit is that it includes spots for two drinks and extra compartments for other things you don’t want to wet.

5. Donuts

When we’re talking about food-inspired pool floats, donuts are a clear choice. Did it make you hungry?

6. Water hammock

The majority of floats are intended to keep you fully above water, which isn’t great for a sweltering day. This hammock is intended to keep your body under the cool water so you can chill out comfortably even on a hot day.

7. Flamingo

There are several flamingo pool floats to select from, but not many of them even get close the size of this large bird. However, it’s sufficiently large to keep two adults afloat. It includes two coasters and a cozy head restraint to provide maximum relaxation.

8. Gummy Bear

Using this gummy bear float, you will definitely feel temptation to bite it because it looks so real! It is an amazing choice.

9. Pool float with canopy

This cute inflatable can be used both on the ground and in the water. No matter where you use it, the canopy provides the necessary shelter from the sun.

10. Double Chaise Lounger

Are you in a romantic mood today? This attractive inflatable is large enough to accommodate two people – but they will be really close to each other. Nevertheless, floating on your own is also a great option.


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