Best pool floats for adults

Sunbathing next to the water is one of the biggest pleasures of having a private pool. But it is even better is to float on top of the water as you lounge with a cold cocktail or simply soak in the sun. Unluckily, almost all pool floats you can find are either intended only for children or are simply too small and inconvenient to be used by adults. Still, there are some excellent pool floats for adult users that are spacious enough to permit you to recline comfortably.

Do you prefer to sit above the water, inside it, or somewhere in the middle? Your response will define what’s the ideal pool float for you. Below you can find our top-3 picks – one from every category.

Top above-the-water pool float: The Intex Floating Recliner Lounge

This vinyl model sits so high above the water that you don’t even have to put your swimsuit on to use it. This is excellent for lounging in your pool when the water is too chilly for a plunge. Moreover, it is good for reading, since this way you book will not get soaked. But on the other side, as you can’t easily reach the water, such float can get sticky and too hot when the temperatures increase.

Top deep-in-the-water pool float: Kelsyus Water Hammock

If you prefer floating in the water, you will enjoy lounging in this water hammock. The self-inflating perimeter maintains you afloat, while the mesh interior supports your body when you lie mostly immersed in the water. The fact that this device is self-inflating is another great advantage. However, there is also a drawback- the absence of a cup holder.

Best in-between pool float: Kelsyus Floating Lounger

If you enjoy staying in contact with the water without being too immersed, this might be the optimal option for you. The Kelsyus Floating Lounger permits you to sink down a bit, while still staying upright and above water. This device is high-quality and ideal for reading, laying in the sun or taking a nap on hot afternoons.

Such adult floats can be found at pool supply stores, both offline and online. Still, you can usually find the best offer by making an order online.