Best handheld pool vacuums, automatic pool cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners are very popular today, but there are still some cases where a handheld pool vacuum is the perfect choice. For instance, almost all robotic cleaners can’t manage kiddie pools and spas, while some of them don’t cover the whole (especially if it is irregularly shaped or has unusual additional functions). When your pool requires increased attention, a handheld vacuums is the ideal instrument for this work.

Unluckily, “ideal” isn’t a word that usually gets used in combination with pool vacuums. Many pool owners have a complicated relationship with these unmanageable appliances. Pool vacuums for inground pools can be cranky and complicated to operate, while the low-quality ones are very bad at absorbing dirt. When you find the time to hand-clean your pool, the last thing you wish is to deal with uncooperative equipment.

However, they’re not so bad. A limited number of vacuums get the highest grades from the pool owners using them. Below is the list of our choices.


Pool Buster Max

All these pool vacuums are manufactured by Water Tech Corp. and made it to the top due to the same key features:

  • Function independently without the necessity of hoses/cords
  • Powerful suction
  • Battery powered
  • Attach to pool poles for expanded coverage
  • Light

automatic pool cleaners vacuum

If you’re going to clean a bigger pool with one of these handheld vacuums alone, you may be frustrated. Manually “hoovering” such pool is a tiresome job regardless of the equipment used. Nevertheless, these handheld vacuums are great for smaller pools, or when used to spot clean in combination with an automatic pool cleaner.

However, are they actually worth their price? The cost of all such models is low and easy to justify judging from what they can save you in pool cleaning expenses. Lots of pool owners can do without a pool service by buying similar professional pool cleaning materials. But remember that a pool vacuum isn’t enough to maintain your pool clean on its own, but it’s an essential component of the pool maintenance arsenal.

These pool vacuums for inground pools can be purchased at almost all pool supply stores. The models we have mentioned can be purchased online.