Automatic pool covers: are they worth the price?

Almost everyone believes that automatic pool covers are amazing. They permit you to cover your pool in a matter of seconds, providing you with security and effectiveness benefits without hindering your pool fun. Of course, they may not be the most beautiful pool feature and they aren’t suitable for any pool shape. However, taking into account the rest of their benefits, why not try these wonderful systems?

However, you need to know that an automatic pool cover is one of the costliest extra features available for your pool. But what’s the exact price of an automatic pool cover? As with the majority pool extras, its prices are very different (from $10.000 and $20.000). Everything depends on the dimensions and type of the pool, as well as the complexity of the installation.

That’s definitely a tremendous amount of money. However, many pool owners think that it’s worth the cost only for the security advantages. In addition, automatic covers have lots of money saving advantages, which make the original cost a bit easier to justify.


Automatic covers provide the same benefits as the rest of pool covers. The only distinction is that automatic covers are way simpler to use, so you can count on enjoying the benefits more coherently.

Security. Although it isn’t constructed to the standards of a real safety pool cover, an automatic cover usually holds the weight of a dog, kid, or even an adult person. It’s another security layer for your pool, and it works great.

Energy performance. All pool covers maintain the water warm by decelerating evaporation, which will help you save on heating and permit you to extend a swimming season. For residential indoor pools, a pool cover allows to save on the work of the dehumidifier.

Less pool servicing. Eventually, a pool covers protect your pool from leaves and other trash. This allows your filter and pump to work effectively and decreases the amount of time you need to spend on cleaning it.

Comparison of investment

Of course, the largest drawback of automatic covers is the way they affect your budget. Manufacturers always claim that they pay off eventually; however, that statement is a bit questionable due to the following:

If you don’t heat your pool regularly, you’re not saving a significant sum. Statements of large economies are based on case where the owner is continuously using a pool heater. If you aren’t, you won’t notice significant savings. A pool cover can save your funds otherwise, but it certainly can’t pay off.

Automatic covers are expensive to maintain. As well as any other equipment, an automatic pool cover can fail, leading to costly repairs. At a certain point, perhaps within the first 7 years of work, you’ll probably receive a huge bill to substitute the motor or the cover’s material. Choosing a high-quality product and taking treating it properly will decrease the sum you have to spend on maintenance; however, luck still plays an important role.

You don’t need to use an automatic cover to save your money. Any pool cover can perform the same function, given that you’re using it properly. Actually, a solar blanket is a less expensive solution, which is specifically developed to maintain a comfortable temperature in your pool.


The majority of pool owners buy an automatic pool cover because of security concerns – and this is enough to justify such purchase. The advantage of economies is kind of a nice bonus. In some cases, it is even possible to offset the purchase cost and eventually save. But if the price is the only thing you worry about, there are many ways to save on pool heating without the big start-up investment.