All you should know about semi inground pools

You should know that both inground and above semi inground pools, you know, have their pros and cons. Inground pools are beautiful but costly. Above the ground, pools are less expensive but don’t fit into their surroundings.

Fortunately, these aren’t the only two options. For most household owners, a semi inground pool provides an excellent compromise between the two, as it is both cost-effective and easy to fit into the scenery.

What does a semi inground pool represent?

As the name suggests, a semi inground pool is a model that is partly buried in the ground, in contrast to the inground pool (which is in the ground) and an above ground pool (located on the ground). According to the specific setup, this kind of pool may also be called a semi above ground pool or a deck pool.

As the ground doesn’t need to be level to build a semi inground pool, it can be installed in places where an inground or above ground pool would be impossible to build. Moreover, due to their lower profile, they don’t clutter up your yard like the above-ground pools do. Actually, at first sight, they can be hard to differentiate from inground pools.

Some above ground pool companies provide models that can be installed semi-inground. Nevertheless, semi inground pools can also be made to order with the same kinds of materials you would apply for an inground pool. The type of installation (as well as many other factors) will determine the price of semi inground pool.

Ideas and alternatives

It’s not an easy task to create an ideal semi inground pool. It requires a bit of ingenuity and planning to find the proper design. Below are several ideas of semi inground pools for you to start.

  1. Wrap a deck around the pool

Some persons call semi inground pools “deck pools” since they’re frequently fitted with a wraparound deck. Such design conceals the protruding sides of the pool and facilitates the process of entering and leaving – providing it with the numerous advantages of an inground pool. Moreover, a deck also offers a great place to mess around the pool.

If you like to spending time on your home’s existing deck, just think of cooking or drinking cocktails near your own pool. Surely, you can also choose a deck with an above ground pool, but the lower profile of a semi inground pool provides more opportunities.

  1. Place it in your backyard

Semi inground pools are very flexible as they can adjust to uneven surfaces or steep slopes. In contrast to inground and above ground pools, they don’t require a large even surface. You can just integrate them into a slope as much as necessary.

It is not only comfortable but can also provide an impressive result – it looks like a natural component of the environment. I think it’s safe to say that a well-thought-out semi inground pool can compete for top inground pools as regards aesthetics.

  1. Use creative landscape design to decorate it

Semi inground pools can look impressive even if they’re not concealed in a wraparound deck. Due to their low profile, they blend in perfectly with many different landscaping variants.

The walls of the pools can be decorated with flowers or plants. However, the exterior of the walls matters the most.

If you don’t like the appearance of the walls, you can easily hide them behind greenery (or just make them less visible).

Moreover, the pool can be surrounded with a stone garden, a courtyard, etc. Your pool can blend in any landscape design.

In the ideal case, you must have your greenery and decoration in place before you construct the pool. This way, everything forms a beautiful and harmonious combination. Attempting to change your pool’s exterior after its’ installation is not the best idea.

  1. Take advantage of the landscape

Eventually, with a semi inground design, you have total control over what your guests will see while inside the pool. The reason is that you can select the height of the pool walls above the ground. The higher the pool, the better view of the surrounding areas it provides.

In case you possess a sloped courtyard with an excellent view, you can even imitate an infinity edge (or even construct a real infinity pool – if you have sufficient financing).

Most importantly, take into account the view when deciding on semi inground pool design and location.

Building a semi-inground pool

Since semi inground pool is available in many different forms, it’s difficult to make conclusions about them. But one thing is for sure: constructing a semi inground pool is harder than building an above ground pool. The reason is that it suggests digging.

I wish I could say that they’re simpler to install than an inground pool. Nevertheless, it actually depends on how complicated and high-end the pool draft is. Constructing a pool into a slope could be a larger design problem than building a common inground pool on even terrain.

Expect the project is very basic, or you have really good skills, professional assembly is advised for a semi inground pool. &The perfect way to choose the appropriate pool company for the job is to meet several candidates, find out the prices, and compare them with the quality of their previous works.

Find a contractor who has a wide experience in the construction of semi inground pools. After all, as you already know, this kind of pool goes with a unique set of possibilities and challenges.