Pools ideas Articles A wide variety of pool lights

A wide variety of pool lights

variety of pool lights

A wide variety of pool lights. The swimming-pool is the luxury element of interior. The lighting of indoor or outdoor pool is a separate stage of the interior creation.
There are two main kinds of pool lighting: exterior lighting (the lighting of accommodation, shed and additional elements); interior lighting (the lighting of the pool and the water).

The high-energy and halogen lamps with dull light can be used as the exterior pool lightings. They include:

  • wall lamp
  • projectors
  • design electric appliances and point LED lights.

The lighting of the pool

These special waterproof electric appliances are made of impact plastic, tempered glass and unstainable metals. The main condition of the exterior light is that the sides of the pool must be visible even in a fog.

The interior pool lights can be: in-built, mounted, laid on and floating. The mounted projectors are used less frequently because of stagnation in the area of lighting and the appearance of seaweed. As for the laid on and in-built devices, the cable is laid in the set hole and isolated with corrugated hose. Another novelty in the artificial reservoir lighting is the floating lamps.

They can have different shape, size and color. The essential condition of these devices is the presence of rechargeable battery, as the floating electricity cables aren’t allowed in the swimming-pool. The must be either warmish or completely unheated.




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