Pools ideas Articles A spa or a pool: what to choose?

A spa or a pool: what to choose?

Spa or a pool

Spas and swimming pools are compatible. Well, 50% of the pool companies have included the terms “pool and spa” right in their names. Straight to business, pools and spas are usually connected in top-notch pool installations. Spa or a pool: which is the right choice for you?

However, most persons have to choose between a pool and a spa. For whatever reason, you may not be able to buy both, which forces you to make a difficult choice.


The most evident reason is that a spa occupies much less space than the conventional pool. As a rule, pools are 10 x 20 on the small end. Add to this a pool deck, which is actually as significant as the swimming pool per se. While a pool is generally the central element, around which everything else is constructed, a spa can usually blend in with your backyard without almost any changes.


Due to the size dispersion, a pool costs more than a spa made from the same materials (obviously). But you should also know that spas are way less expensive to maintain, since it requires less water and fewer chemicals. In addition, heating a spa is much cheaper. Eventually, since lots of prospective housing buyers don’t need a pool, you have more chances to get your spa investment back while selling your house.


How long does the bathing season last in your region? In most areas of the US, it’s about half a year. On the other hand, an outdoor spa can be used throughout the year, no matter how cold it is (while the price of heating is approximately $250). In short, unless you live in a region where a pool can be kept open all year round, it is more reasonable to get a spa. Moreover, the latter is much easier to bring indoors.

General commitment

Apart from the price and space, two field where a pool needs a higher volume of resources than a spa. However, to realize how much commitment you’re facing, you should ask yourself what would happen if you decide that you don’t want to have your pool or spa anymore. In case of spa, you can just drain and cover it, while a pool is more difficult to get rid of. In case of draining, the shell will become ruptured. If you fail to maintain it cleanness and chemical balance, it will turn insanitary. Actually, no matter if you’re using a pool or not, you’re on the ropes until you move or get rid of it.

The X Factor

As you have probably guessed, a spa is generally a more sensible choice under equal conditions. But, the most significant factor is your preferences.

Pools are excellent for:

  • Diving, bathing, playing volleyball, etc.
  • Lounging next to the pool
  • Fooling around with children
  • Arranging parties

Spas are excellent for:

  • Lounging and reducing stress
  • Meeting in a small circle
  • Relieving pains

To summarize, if you can’t make a choice between a pool and a spa, the latter is probably a smarter choice because of all the other factors involved. If you want a pool more, then your decision gets tougher. Only you can judge whether the additional costs and commitments of a pool are really worth it.

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