7 main characteristics of a resort-style pool

No wonder many persons dream about having a pool. It’s like owning your own private resort right behind your door. That’s particularly true in case of resort-style pool that are intended for the “staycation” experience.

What’s the benefit of a resort-style pool? It’s the kind of stylish, chic, and impeccable pool you may find on a luxury vacation to an exotic place. In particular, this is a kind of pool that blends in with the resort-style house decoration.

That said, it’s not a secret that resort-style pools usually very expensive. Although they aren’t always large, their finest materials and exclusive functions will cost you a fortune. Below are some of the major elements of this kind of pool.

1. Optimal size Resort Style Pools

Resort-style pools are more oriented towards recreation, rather than bathing or sports. For that reason, they are usually smaller than the common multifunctional family pool. While there’s no harm in choosing a big option, a smaller size just leaves extra space and budget for other exciting extras.

It’s not necessary to have a big pool to provide a gorgeous resort-style experience.

2. High-quality pool furniture

Sophisticated outdoor furniture are a distinctive feature of glamorous resorts, and consequently a “must-have” for all resort-style pools. The perfect furniture must be both cozy and good-looking. As a complement to the common sun beds, think about purchasing a special sofa, deck chairs, etc.

Pool furnishings is a very important element of this type of pool.

3. Water features

Most contemporary pool projects include a sun shelf, making it possible for you to install pool furnishings right in the water. Other luxurious options for resort-style lounging are a pool entry, seating area, spa, etc.

4. Shade

Any good resort pool possesses shade options for visitors. The same is true for any normal resort-style pool. At the very least, the pool must be equipped with a few umbrellas, whether embedded or autonomous. Other options are solar sails, canopy patio furniture, or even a bungalow. The point is feeling comfortable and being able to spend the whole day next to the pool.

Having a spot to hide from the sunrays allows you get maximum pleasure from your swimming pool.

5. Tropical atmosphere

Some tropical features can take you to paradise when you enter your resort-style pool area. These can be exotic plants, wicker furniture, etc. But make sure not to overburden your backyard.

The appropriate furnishings and decoration can take you to the distant places.

6. Eating outside

Enjoying meals outdoors next to the pool is one of the main pleasures of vacation. For this reason, a great resort-style pool must comprise a cocktail table that’s appropriate for dining and drinking cocktails. A complete outdoor cuisine or bar is even cooler, if you can afford it.

Having dinner next to the pool is one of the main benefits of possessing a resort-style pool.

7. Isolation

An indispensable part of creating a luxury vacation in your side yard is making sure the external world doesn’t bother you. There are lots of ways to block sight lines to your pool, from barriers and landscape design to the selection of pool location. However, keep in mind the external sounds. Make sure that your serene tropical vibe will not be interfered by the noise of traffic or loud neighbors.

A bubbling spa is perfect for numbing the noisy sounds from the external world.

As you can tell, a resort-style pool is a separate type – and a more expensive one in comparison with a common above ground pool. However, luxury always costs a pretty penny. And only imagine, with a resort pool straight in your backyard, you will never have to take a vacation again.