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5 leading questions you need to ask a potential pool builder

Questions to ask your potential pool builder.

If you dream of an amazing pool, you need to ensure that you employ an experienced pool builder. Unluckily, when it concerns local contractors, there isn’t always much information available. Therefore, it is crucial to ask the constructor the right questions during your initial meetings. Questions to ask your potential pool builder.

Below you can find five questions you should ask your potential pool builder. If you ignore them, you might be lacking important information that could define whether your pool project like clockwork. Questions to ask your potential pool builder.

1. Do you have a relevant experience?

Of course, you need to know how much experience the company has in the installation of the kind of pool you’re searching for. For instance, if you’re searching for a freeform concrete pool, you wouldn’t want to hire somebody who has worked mostly with fiberglass models. The same applies to any function you want that’s non-standard and/or may be difficult to install. You need somebody who has made it before.

2. Who’s the boss?

The person you talk to during your first meetings may not be the same person responsible for the installation. You’ll wish to know who will be controlling everything in situ, how long they’ve worked in one company, and what their level of expertise is. Eventually, does the company’s reputation really matter if they’re putting an untrained builder in charge of your project?

3. Can I contact your ex-clients?

Any respectable pool constructor should be able to provide you with a list of references. You need to contact at least a few of them and ask anything you want about their experiences. Visiting an ex-client personally is better than sending them an e-mail, since you can see the finished work with your own eyes. Even better, ask to visit an installation under implementation to see how the constructor works.

4. What about the schedule?

You should figure out is how soon the constructor can get to work. The reputable pool constructors may have their schedules fill up very fast in the warm seasons, which can make you accelerate your decision-taking process. Surely, you’ll also want to find out how long installation process is anticipated to last, together with a schedule of the main stages of the project. Of course, things can change in different ways throughout the project, but you’ll need to ensure that the original plan at least suits you.

5. Could you please explain me this?

Before getting in touch with a builder, you need to take some time to examine the company, including their reputation with the Better Business Bureau. If you see that anything worries you, ask the constructor about it and give them an opportunity to explain. Remember that it’s common for companies that have existed for a long time to have several dissatisfied clients. Make sure to find out if the client has all reasons for this, and if so, what the construct did to make amends.

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