5 hidden problems of having a pool (hidden pool problems)

Pools attract people for different reasons. However, let’s face the truth: they also have some important drawbacks. Most persons realize that their installation is very expensive (as well as that installation of a swimming pool involves extra maintenance and security problems). Hidden pool problems.

Unluckily, there are also problems many future pool owners aren’t aware about. If you’re ready to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of having a pool, these little-known issues should be considered as well. Although the “hidden pool problems” we will mention may not tilt the scales in favor of buying a pool, they’re still you should still be aware of them before taking such an important decision.

1. Excavation issues

Keep in mind there you can face some unpleasant surprises lurking under the surface of your backyard that could make a pool installation much more difficult. Stones, excess water, root of the trees– you never know what’s hiding under the ground until the pool constructor proceeds to the excavation. Thus, you could spend a lot on a pool project that has to be given up because of unfeasible conditions or spend much more to finish a problematic installation process.

2. Leaks

The fact that there’s a field of the pool industry specialized in leaks shows us the following: a) it’s a quite widespread issue, and 2) it’s difficult for pool owners to address. The worse thing about a pool leak is that it has to be repaired as soon as possible in order to avoid damage to your pool structure and yard. However, since some moisture loss is normal because of vapor and splashing, you may not even understand that’s a leak at first. This fact can turn a pool owner into a paranoiac.

3. Unknown pool chemistry issues

Once you enter a pool forum, you’ll see many people asking questions about their pool chemistry issues –turbid water, algae, etc. Usually, the issue boils down to obsolete equipment or inadequate maintenance. However, because of environmental concerns and all that, there are also nasty pool chemistry problems that even you’re the pool expert may be unable to deal with. Pool maintenance can be a labor-intensive process even in normal circumstances. A difficult case makes everything even harder.

4. Undesirable pests

It’s difficult to lounge in the water when you always have to kill insects. Adequate pool cleaning can help you get rid of the nasty pests and protect your pool from mosquitoes. In addition, the choice of the right plants for growing around the pool can ward off bees, etc. However, these measures may not be enough to protect your pool surroundings from pests, particularly if you live in the region that has many annoying creatures.

5. Intruders

Apart from bugs, swimming pools can attract unwanted guests. In short, once you get a pool, people tend to fish for an invitation– no matter if they’re your friends of not. Surely, if you’re a life of the party who enjoys big companies, this can be a plus. On the other side, if you’re an introvert, the pressure to throw a pool parties could become annoying over time.

Are you still considering a purchase of a pool? Honestly, if the cost can’t scare you away, it’s hardly possible that any of the above-mentioned “hidden problems” can stop you. However, it is always better to get all the possible information in order to make an informed decision.