10 basic items necessary for your pool bar

Of course, the best place for enjoying refreshments on a sultry day is your backyard pool. The only trouble is that you’ll have to often get out of the pool for a refill. Luckily, there’s an easy solution to this issue – bring the bar to the pool!

A floating pool bar provides you with fast and simple access to beverages while you’re in the pool, so you don’t have to stop the party! Sure, the main thing is to choose the proper equipment, particularly water inflatables to keep your drinks afloat and waterproof diversions to brighten up your leisure time. To help you start, below are 10 top inflatables to take into account for your future pool party:

1. Floating cooler

Let’s begin with the basic information. The main task of any bar is to maintain the beverages cold. An inflatable cooler is the perfect option for a floating bar. It is even better if it includes drink holders for increased comfort.

2. Floating alligator

This is both a cooler and a drink holder that can brighten up any party. Long live Party Gator!

3. Unbreakable wine glasses

Drinking wine from a plastic cup is so uncool. But you don’t want to smash your wine glass against a pool deck, do you? Therefore, it is so reasonable to get a set of unbreakable wine glasses made of silicone.

4. Drink guard

You may get tired of having to hold your drink continuously. Luckily, you can avoid this by using a floating drink holder. The floating drink holders are really good at their job.

5. Floating tray

A drinking tray is also a great option to keep your beverages afloat. Efficient in both pools and jacuzzies, this tray is constructed from foam and has holes for four beverages. Moreover, it is excellent for serving appetizers.

6. Inflatable tiki bar

This floating tiki bar forms a central element of any party. Moreover, it is multifunctional, containing six drink holders and two ice containers. And the barmen will certainly be grateful the shed on sultry days.

7. Floating speaker

Music is an essential part of any pool party. The watertight speaker is connected to your smartphone, which allows you to listen to your favorite songs in the pool. Moreover, it includes special lighting for night listening.

8. Tropical drink holders

Some clients pay huge sums to create tropical atmosphere in their pools. However, small tropical floats do it at a very affordable cost. Actually, they have almost the same price as the drinks they’re intended to keep afloat.

9. Ahh-Qua Bar

We have an offer. If you dream of a floating, just get it. This device has an integrated cooler and wide coasters. Some of them are even equipped with seating, although the floating chairs get mixed feedback from the clients.

10. Drink Caddy Raft

Both a cooler and a tray, this robust drink raft is an ideal solution for big jacuzzies and swimming pools. Using the handle, you can easily to anchor or haul it wherever you want.

Using the above-mentioned objects and a cozy seating, you can arrange an amazing floating pool bar.





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