Сan you put an above ground pool in the ground?

Under equal conditions, above ground pools are much less expensive than inground models. Thus, for people who want to save, the clear question is: why not just bury an above ground pool in the ground? In this case, you can get the cheap price and great appearance of an inground pool at a more affordable cost. Сan you put an above ground pool in the ground?

Actually, there are above ground pools specially intended to be buried. However, what prevents you from backfilling any above ground pool you want? Only the understanding that you could fall prey to any of the following obstacles:

  1. The walls may collapse

The main technical problem of burying an inground pool is that the walls are not intended to withstand external ground pressure. If the pool doesn’t contain enough water to balance the external pressure (or if the soil surrounding the pool becomes too humid) the walls can crash. This can easily happen when you attempt to replace the pool liner, or perform any other action demanding that you drain the pool for a long period.

  1. You guarantee can become void

As a rule, burying an above ground pool nullifies the manufacturer warranty. In this case, your pool will not be covered for wall collapses or any other possible problem. Before burying an above ground pool, please read the warranty carefully and assess the consequences. We should also note that if the warranty explicitly states that it’s void if the pool is buried, that’s a sure sign that the manufacturer think it won’t withstand such conditions.

  1. It can have a negative effect on your property’s resale value

Most people looking for a new house are unwilling to buy a property with inground pools, because they’re afraid of the additional operating costs. It’s still believed that houses with inground pools are more expensive. But this may not be the case if such pool is actually a disguised above ground model. Probably, the potential customers will have many questions about it.

Sure, many people bury their above ground pools and never face any of these issues. It’s just a matter of whether the risk is worth it. But we still recommend you consider a better solution, which a purchase a small inground pool.

A great alternative that instantly comes to mind is to get an inground pool kit. Such packages comprise all the elements for a real inground pool, but at a much more affordable price. You can either install the pool on your own (which will help you save even more) or entrust it to the professional.

Сan you put an above ground pool in the ground? One more option is to buy an above ground pool and make it look like an inground one. In such a case, the best solution is a wraparound deck to edge your pool and create ready access. Landscape design and some properly placed greenery can also overshadow the pool walls. Finding the proper ideas for your pool might take time and efforts, but the results will pleasantly surprise you.